March 11, 2023 LRA Fox Hunt

Thank you to everyone who participated in the March 2023 Fox Hunt!

This time, we hid two transmitters on separate frequencies. Bill – KD1Z and Jeff – KD9VBC set up one transmitter, while Matt – AF9Q set up another. Both transmitters proved to be difficult to find, and it took the entire allotted time to complete the hunt.

In the end, the “Team Haney” team with Gene – WB9ZKY, Bonnie – WB9ZKX, and Al – N9ZWJ were able to find both transmitters. The “Beer Battered Boys” team with Fred – K9SO and Jeff – KC9JOB came very close but ran out of time.

After the hunt, we enjoyed great company, beer, and wings at Doobie’s Beer Joint. Thank you all for participating!

73, AF9Q