About LRA

Lakeshore Repeater Association has been organized since 1975. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable corporation dedicated to providing local area Hams in SE WI and NE IL with excellent repeater coverage on both analog and digital DMR modes.

Our repeaters

Our analog repeaters are 2m 147.270 + .6 PL 127.3 and our 70cm is 442.000 + 5 Mhz PL 79.7. Our DMR digital dual voice capacity time slot repeater is connected to the ChicagoLand C-bridge Network with Ham radio contacts and talk groups to be accessed and heard from all over the world! This repeater has 5 plus digital voted receiver sites for optimal portable coverage on 440.00625 + 5 using Color Code 9. Our primary talk group is WI State 3155 on time slot one. Active full time. See our DMR Sites page for more details on DMR. Our dual band transmitter antenna standoff is at 380 feet for 2m and 70cm analog/DMR digital repeaters. 3 Repeaters are maintained at our main site in Racine with a receiving antenna topping the tower at 465 feet. 2 analog and 1 DMR digital.

A new receive site has been added to our UHF analog repeater system. It is located near the city of Walworth, Wi. and greatly extends our receive coverage to include all of Walworth county and more of Northern Illinois. Use a 114.8 TX PL tone to access.


The LRA is not just about the repeater. We love Amateur Radio and everything related to it. We will post more information, member’s projects, pictures etc.

Our history